This is Part Two of our first equine photo shoot, and it was my favourite session. I loved the warm colours and Anri’s down to earth, yet sensual, country-girl look.

There is no doubt in my mind that women and horses are a divine match. The harmony between latent equine power and a gentle feminine presence can inspire one to poetry – or in this case, photography. We worked with two docile horses that were clearly happy, loved and well cared for. Although Anri actually has a lingering fear of horses – courtesy of a few bad experiences in childhood – she wanted to do the shoot to overcome this fear, and she succeeded. Interestingly, the calmness of Black Supreme and Guilt Edged actually facilitated this. So not only was it an inspiring photo shoot, but a life-changing experience for Anri too.

My sincere thanks to Anya Groenewald, owner of Trinity Equestria, a private livery yard in Paarl, who made her facilities and horses available to us for the shoot. You can follow Trinity Equestria on Facebook or visit their website.