Earlier this year I discovered three gorgeous sisters, twins (8) and older sister (10), while doing street photography. As I drove past their house I saw a flash of flowing black hair against the backdrop of a yellow garage door in need of some repair… and hit the brakes. I introduced myself to the parents and after a short chat they allowed me to take a few test shots. I was amazed at the results (test shots below). I decided that I just had to do a photo shoot with them. Using Facebook (with the permission of the parents) I asked people to donate dresses for their photo shoot. Most of the gifts came from a Paarl mom and her friends who donated bags of clothing and toiletries. A big cash donation by another donor made it possible to purchase school tracksuits for each of the sisters.

Test shoot

Nederburg photo shoot

The shoot was held at the breathtaking Nederburg Wines making use of the last few hours of daylight. Time was very limited and we didn’t manage to get through all the shots I had planned so there may have to be a follow up, but for someone who had never been in front of a camera, the girls did a magnificent job. Hair and makeup was expertly handled by Zenke van Zyl.

Sepia versions